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DOD stompbox model number dater

Find out when your DOD pedal was made

Find out the production dates of most DOD guitar pedals and accessories using the model number. Please note this is the model number and not the serial number. You may be interested in my DOD serial number decoder. As DOD reused the same model number there is a distinction between the USA made models and the Chinese made models. Check the serial number, if it starts with a V then your pedal is a Chinese model so even though it may state FX on the front the model is to be considered a VFX model and that is what should be entered in the box. For the USA made models you can narrow down the date much further by using my pot decoder. If your pedal is not in the list, you have found incorrect information or you have a link to a manual please let me know. For details of my DOD database click here.

Please note this does not use the serial number, just the DOD model number.

DOD model number:

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