How you can help

Creating and maintaining these tools takes an extreme amount of research, building of databases, coding, testing and regular updating. This site will never come close to paying for that time but it may help cover the increased hosting costs now that it gets a fair bit of traffic, with help.

Spread the word

The simplest/cheapest way to help is to spread the word by sharing on Facebook, Twitter and posting in relevant forums, blogs, discussion or hobby sites, where appropriate of course. If you are dealer or seller then perhaps include a link in your listings so potential buyers can confirm the age of your items themselves, it will add authority to your listing.

Donate to the serial number decoder project

If you have found this site of significant use, perhaps it helped you sell your items for more money or helped you bag a bargain then please do consider a donation.

Alternatively you can donate any amount to me at All donations no matter how small will bring me right back to my computer to do some more updating or improving on one of the decoders.

I would like to say thank you to all who have donated, it is very much appreciated and all goes towards the costs of running and maintaining the site. Its nice to know the site is apreciated. Unfortunately I cannot reply directly to donations unless you put a message in the paypal form but for all those who have donated thank you very much.

Help me improve the site

If you have any feedback about this site please don't hesitate to get in contact, if it fails to return any information for you or you think the information is wrong please let me know. I will personally look into it, try to get you an answer and if possible update the site so it works better in future.