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Motorola serial number decoder

Find out when your Motorola equipment was made

This tool decodes the serial number from most Motorola equipment to give you its date of manufacture and resale value. It supports both formats used over the years from 1976 to current day. This tool may return 2 possible dates but it should normally be obvious to you which is correct for your particular model. As Motorola make such a wide range of equipment the serial number can be found in various locations but it is normally on a sticker and clearly labelled as 'Serial no' or 'S/N'. It is 10 or 11 characters long and made up of both letters and numbers. There is no letter O or letter I in order to avoid confusion with the number zero and one. This tool should work for Motorola walkie talkies, radios, tablets, phones, wireless devices (including cards) and more although normally not for batteries. If you wish to be given a link to find the resale value you should also enter the model number/name.

Motorola serial number :
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