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The watch battery finder database

Find the replacement coin cell battery for a watch

This tool is a database of quartz and other electronic watch movements along with the replacement coin cell battery required. It has been compiled from a few manufacturers' brochures and put in an easily searchable format. Simply select from the various brands in the first pull-down list and start to type your movement number in the second box, select your movement from the options that appear. Note that the list updates as you type more characters. If you are looking to get a date or a value for a watch please see the various decoders linked from the menu at the top of the page.

Changing a watch battery is normally a simple process. You may require a caseback remover and if you are unlucky a case press tool to get an awkward press-fit caseback on. Screw on backs are best approached using a universal caseback remover. Pliers or bodged methods are likely to result in scratches. Press on backs can normally be removed with care using a blade style caseback remover or a blunt knife. Look for the extra lip designed for you to get a tool under. Most of these tools are available cheaply on eBay or on Amazon. Care should be taken not to touch both sides of the new battery as grease left from the fingers can cause it to drain quicker than normal. For waterproof watches you should check condition of the case gasket, ensure this gasket is seated correctly before refitting the back.

Please note that this is the movement number not the model number, different brands have these in different places on the watch so you will need to search to find out where that is. For Casio watches just type the module code (the number etched on the back with a box around it).

Movement manufacturer :
Exact Movement/Caliber :

If you are looking for a list of alternaive battery codes for your battery or wish to look up a battery by its size you can use my watch battery alternatives tool.

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